Why Dr. Bill is the best “Chiropractor Near Me”?

Why Dr. Bill is the best “Chiropractor Near Me”?

Have you ever searched Google looking for the best “chiropractor near me”, only to be totally overwhelmed with thousands of pages of random physician websites?  Are you wondering what specific attributes distinguish a good, quality chiropractor?

The confusion and difficulty experienced upon searching for a “chiropractor near me” is largely because there are just so many chiropractors out there, and their particular styles of practice can vary in exponential ways.  So much so that you can go to five different chiropractors and receive five totally different treatment approaches from each doctor!

So, let me explain why Dr. Bill’s approach is the MOST helpful for the MOST people, which makes him your best choice for when looking for a “chiropractor near me”:

  1. Mobile House Calls
    • He brings all the amenities of his office directly to your home or place of business
    • You receive personal, concierge style healthcare due to the “one on one” nature of all your visits
    • Decreased Covid concerns due to limited public exposure
    • He can work around YOUR schedule, providing healthcare at YOUR convenience
  1. He does not ONLY do adjustments
    • While he will perform traditional chiropractic adjustments on all his patients, he utilizes a variety of manual therapy techniques such as Dry Needling, Kinesiotaping, RockFloss, Pelvic Blocking, and Neurodynamics, just to name a few
  1. He specializes in Physical Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation
    • He prefers an active approach to healthcare, so he wants to keep you up, active, and mobile as soon as possible
    • He will teach you how to use specific exercises to not only train core stabilization that protects your spine, but also build functional strength and endurance that can reduce your risk of future injuries, as well as enhance your overall performance
    • He will teach you specific stretches that you can perform at home to eliminate your painful symptoms that are tailored to your individualized needs
    • He can help modify your current training regimen to allow for decreased symptoms and quicker recovery times
  1. He does NOT only treat the spine
    • While he is an expert at the conservative management of spinal pain, he also has extensive training and clinical experience treating common musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries involving the entire body
    • Rotator Cuff
    • Tennis/Golf Elbow
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Hip Impingement
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Runner’s Knee
    • Ankle Strains/Sprains
    • Foot/Toe Pain
  1. He believes in building a personal relationship with each patient
    • You will have direct access to him for easy communication via personal cell phone, text, and email
    • He emphasizes patient education so that every patient understands the fundamental causes of their painful symptoms and how/why their treatment plans will be effective and beneficial

If this is EXACTLY the type of healthcare experience that YOU have been looking for, then schedule your house call appointment now with Dr. Bill.